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I like what I watch. You should also check out some people.



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Sebastian Vela
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Email me if you want a commission
I am again super busy with my current job as a concept artist, and I am super busy as a student at my gymnasium.
Soooo much work to do, constant work. I love it and hate it as the same time. I get through it. But I am busy almost 24/7

Exams are comming up soon, so I gotta be prepared for that.

So I am sorry that I don´t upload that many images that often. I really want to make some cool illustrations.
I do some sketches when I have some free time, but I don´t upload them here.
If you want to see my sketches and other stuff then follow me here one facebook
(self plug I know)
Some of the older posts are in Danish, so sorry for that, I just starting converting my language to English, because more and more NOT danish speaking people are following it.

Anyways, I hope whoever reads this are doing well, and doing some art, because art is dope :D
Hope you will stick with me. After the exams, I will have my spring break, and I will probably spend all of that time on Work and Personal art projects and stuff.

I really want to share the stuff that I am working on at my job, but I am not supposed to show anything yet, untill they show the project to the public. So maybe you will see my stuff next yet (oooh such a long time to go)

Anyways, I will try to make some cool designs for ya when the time is there. Untill next time, have fun :D

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Selfie by gamespeaker13
Did another self portrait that finally looks like me (96% like me)
The proportions are finally right, my feature all the stuff that makes me look like me. 

I painted it very simple but I wanted to just try it out to see how I improved from my last self portrait. Like I did with the JD - Portrait I have gotten way more colorful hah :D
Anyways. I think it turned out alright.
I used this Free Real Film Light Leak! as sort of like a filter on it. It made some of the colors really cool looking. 

Other places you can find me (I post the same stuff here + sketches and WIPS on social media
Facebook -
Instagram -
Tumblr -
2 years ago I was done with school (the first school you got to in my country)
I was 16 at that point. The 9 years before that was a total shitstorm in my social life. 
I now had a new start, to make new friends, with a new class that in a Gymnasium, where I am gonna spend 3 years. 
2 years have no passed since I started and It feels like I donīt exist anymore.
Not in the sence that people donīt know me or ignore me.

But I feel like that there is no real me anymore. 
I donīt know who I am, who I used to be.

Because I found out that what ever I used to be was not a very likeable person before Gymnasium. 
I started to pretend I was someone else. Not just one person. Multiple persons. I did it, so I could gain friends, people would like me, gain contects, people of use. And I did.
I got a lot respect from my classmates and other friends, pretending to all kinds of different people. It has given me a lot of good things. 
I never did anything "bad". I never heard anyone, or did anything against my own "moral code"
I only did things I felt like I needed to do, to gain most value of whatever situation I was in. 
I did a lof of stuff I really do not like, but I felt like it was necessarry to make other people happy. 
I lie constantly 24/7 to everyone I know. To make sure the people I feel are good do not get upset. I stay away from people I feel like have no use for me, and to be honest.
I am really a very introverted person, who does not really care for people I like to sociallise. Still I keep doing it, because I know that I can use these people to help me whenever I need it. 

Just reading what I have just written makes me look like a damn psychopath.
And now I canīt even remember who I am anymore. Pretending to be whatever I need to be to whoever needs it, has making me forget who I really am.

There is still parts of me that I know is really "me", but there are so many things about me that I thought was me, but ended up being something I just lied about.
I am beginning to believe my own god damn lies now. And I am afried I am going to develop further into being someone else. 

I would like to know you guys oppinion on this. Am I doing something wrong here?? Or should I try to find myself again, even though he kinda feels gone. 
Where I come from, I donīt really know other people who draws paints of does anything art related.
Thats why its so nice to get on the forum an ask you guys.

This is what I do a lot, not everything is daily, but tend to do a lot of activities during the day.
-I am just wondering if you guys have any daily routines as an artist.
Do you do something specific every day or do you change it up to get some variation in your "art life"

-I always start my day checking forums, and finding inspiration on pages like DA while I am eating breakfest. 

-Then I go to work, and do some sketching during my lunch breaks.
When I am done working for the day, I start working on my own little projects, or study and practise.

- Depending on the weather I like to go outside and do some people sketching (I kinda have a bench that I sit on a lot)

- Before bed, I will just watch some videos and do some more sketching.

(I also need to listen to some nice tunes when drawing otherwise I will go crazy :D)

SO.... anything special you are during the day while drawing? Do you do many art related activities? I would like to know if you guys have any special daily routine. Mine is kinda boring as you can see, since its just a lot of eating and sketching ;P

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